What can I expect?

You will receive a copy of your document with visible amendments (such as tracked changes for word documents), plus a 'clean' copy in which all changes have been accepted into the document. 


Revisions include:

  • Corrections of misspellings, grammar issues, punctuation errors, inappropriate vocabulary, and typos

  • Suggestions and alterations to improve the coherency of your document, with special attention paid to style, readability, and flow 

  • Reformatting to ensure uniformity throughout the document, in accordance with the style guide of your choice

  • Tracked changes, giving you the opportunity to review all revisions

  • Content checking to ensure factual consistency

  • A breakdown of any other issues or concerns with the paper

How much will it cost?


Standard rates:

Less than 1000 words - Fixed rate of £10

Less than 10,000 words - £10 per 1000 words

More than 10,000 words - Discounted rate of £9.25 per 1000 words

We offer an Express Service which costs an extra 50% on top of the standard rate. 


How long will it take?


We work around the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to get your orders back to you as quickly as possible!


Less than 12,000 words - max 72 hours (Express Service - max 36 hours)

More than 12,000 words - add an additional 5 hours per 5,000 words

More than 25,000 words - please contact us to discuss your requirements and for an estimated return

If your order is urgent and you need it back in less than 36 hours, please contact us for a quote.


How do I place an order?


Please use the contact page to request a quote and include the following information in your message:


  • Type of document 

  • Word length

  • Deadline

  • Details of house style guide, if available




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